Discovering the Sicilian beauties with “Le Vie dei Tesori”

Like almost every year, also this autumn of 2021 we find ourselves in the middle of the festival of Le Vie dei Tesori, a beautiful initiative, starting from 11 September until 31 October, which allows anyone to discover and rediscover the Sicily through a series of scheduled visits and events. The Sicilian region, in fact, has always been a land full of culture and history, which this exclusive festival allows you to know and appreciate in all its immense beauty, for this edition live again!

Participation at the events and the itineraries is possible through the purchase of coupons, which allow access to museums, churches, palaces and any Sicilian location that is part of the initiative. This year’s program, in particular, offers visits to numerous cities, including Bagheria, Monreale, Sciacca, Cefalù and, of course, the capital of Sicily, Palermo.

The main purpose of the project is to bring the community closer to its cultural heritage, through the enhancement of places of historical interest, around which the community itself can grow and enrich itself. The festival presents some very important guidelines, which give it uniqueness and prestige: first of all, the project sets itself the idea of addressing all audiences, and it does so through unconventional stories of the places: these narratives, in fact, succeed to enhance the places themselves and to narrate their importance within the history of cities. The locations open on the same days and at the same times can also be visited with a single tool, so that the visitor is attracted by the treasures that are more similar thematically or closer geographically.

The possible places to visit are many: in the Sicilian capital, for example, we find 88 locations, including numerous churches (both the famous and the most exclusive ones), several ancient villas (which we find located in various areas of the city), and also many workplaces rich in history.

All the locations available for visits can be consulted on the festival website, where you can also see the type of place you are about to admire, in order to choose whether to plan an itinerary full of diversified sites, or whether to opt for a trip to various places with common themes.
But in addition to exhibitions, trips out of town and walks, the program also features theatrical visits, concerts in the places of treasures and visits with tasting dedicated to the discovery of Sicilian flavors.

Also for this year the Le Vie dei Tesori project is confirmed as a point of reference for those who love knowledge and culture in all its forms, and who feel the need to explore every facet, mystery or secret that the beautiful Sicily holds in store.

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