Tourism news 2021: travel updates

Summer has come to end but the travel subject is still one of the main trend topics, especially for those areas where the tourist influx remains constant even in the low season. The evolution of the health emergency containment measures also make the scenario even more lively and constantly updated.

The most important news of the last few days certainly concerns the United States, which from November 1st will open the borders to travelers from 33 countries around the world in the case of a completed vaccination cycle, while maintaining the obligation of test 3 days before departure. For all those who wish to go to the US, however, beware of the medicine with which they have been vaccinated: the United States has not recognized some of the vaccines common in Europe and the world, therefore vaccination with these may not guarantee access to the country.

As for the countries of the European Union, if for the majority of these there is the obligation of the Green Pass (obtained after the vaccination cycle, through a certificate of recovery from Covid or with a negative swab carried out within the previous 48 hours), some nations apply some small variations, to be taken into consideration if you want to travel this fall: Spain, for example, has divided the risk areas for Italian citizens also by region, so before leaving you need to check the status of yours; in addition to this, the filling of a form certifying one’s state of health remains mandatory; the Czech Republic has also adopted a specific control form. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, in addition to the Green Pass, the obligation to take a quick swab remains in place 48 hours after arrival on British soil.

In addition to the United States, Canada has also opened its borders for tourism with Green Pass and tampon in hand, while Tokyo and Japan still remain off limits for tourism, with suspension of entries for non-work, non-serious and non-health reasons until on a date to be determined.

It would therefore seem that, compared to exactly one year ago, the tourist situation is taking on more and more stable connotations, giving hope for a return to normality, to travel and holidays that are increasingly tangible.

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