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Lipari, the “sweet” island

With a sweet charm, slow and relaxed rhythms, breathtaking views: Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian islands and, although it does not show the same worldly or exclusive mood as the other islands of the archipelago, it preserves its history and contains its characteristics. Lipari is also called “the sweet island” in honor of its Greek name, “Meligunis” or “sweet” precisely, for the delicacy of its landscapes, which invite you to welcome its dreamy lifestyle.

The peculiarity of the island consists in the variety of scenarios and landscapes available within walking distance, allowing tourists to take advantage of different experiences, from snorkeling to nature excursions.

What immediately catches your eye, once you arrive in Lipari, is the blinding color of the sea of beaches and coves, a shade deriving from the gravelly bottoms at the pumice quarries. Equally impressive are the coastal areas with views of Salina, the stacks, Vulcano and Vulcanello, often reachable only from the sea, thus making a boat ride essential to get to know the beauties of the island.

Even the hinterland of the island reveals important beauties, between concrete traces of the archipelago’s past and museums with perfectly preserved relics: through these testimonies it was possible to trace the historical stratification of Lipari, which from the Neolithic was subject to dominations that have left a tangible trace within the territory. For nature lovers, on the other hand, the island offers various paths and routes for lovers of walking and trekking, taking the opportunity to observe the typical fauna and flora of the island, thus revealing its wilder side.

For those who love holidays with a quiet and peaceful pace, lulled by the waves of the sea and the background of crickets, Lipari is the ideal destination, thanks to the versatility of the offers proposed and the possibility of welcoming all types of tourists visiting Sicily, to discover of the most particular and genuine areas, destined to leave a hint of nostalgia.

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