GustiBus: busiate from Trapani

The high temperatures make you want to taste fresh dishes, with genuine and fragrant ingredients. The Sicilian tradition is rich in this type of recipes, often combined with homemade pasta: this is, for example, the case of the busiate in the Trapani area, and it is precisely here that our GustiBus stops today!

In addition to the countless meat and fish recipes with cous cous, the Trapani area offers really tasty and interesting first courses based on busiate, but where does this type of pasta come from?

The busiate, similar to strozzapreti but with a more elongated shape, take their name from the “buso”, the knitting needle around which the dough is wrapped to give it its typical shape; another name of this format is in fact “iron macaroni”. The procedure may seem complicated but, in reality, it is very simple: once you have created a small “cylinder” of dough with the help of your fingers, the iron is placed lengthwise (which can also be a fairly thick skewer) to which the dough is rolled with a skilful back and forth movement, until the dough is wound along the iron used. Once gently extracted from their support, the “macaroni” can be placed on a tray lined with a cloth and left to dry.

The secret of the goodness of this typical Sicilian format is its spiral shape, which imprisons the sauce inside, making each forkful more and more tasty: it is no coincidence that the perfect sauces for busiate are those based on meat and fish. , without neglecting the vegetable variants such as with artichoke ragout or the well-known pesto from the Trapani area, fresh and perfect for the summer thanks to its totally raw ingredients such as tomato, basil, almonds and garlic.

Before leaving for the next trip to Sicily among its delicacies, on board of our GustiBus, it is therefore only right to treat yourself with a plate of excellent summer-flavored busiate!

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