Prestia and Comandè coach rental: travel with us!

Prestia and Comandè coach rental services meet different types of needs, responding with the usual professionalism and quality that distinguishes the company, which has made the comfort of its passengers the main focus.

The company offers various bus rental formulas, each with driver and dedicated to transfers, tours of Sicily or excursions, but also much longer routes, nationally and internationally. The means made available by Prestia and Comandè include coaches with 56, 42, 28, 19 and 9 seats, as well as car transfer services.

The Prestia and Comandè fleet therefore responds to any request, opportunity to take advantage of during this holiday period, especially this year. Traveling in company is always a valuable experience, sharing a trip with a group, with people with whom you share a specific bond, further amplifies the pleasant aspect of the tour or vacation you intend to undertake. We can, for example, talk about trips with one’s own more or less extended family unit, as well as with groups of friends with whom you intend to organize itineraries in all carefree, relying on the professionalism of the team of Prestia and Comandè drivers.

At the same way, organizing trips with more or less large groups is more practical if with a single vehicle, on convivial occasions such as, for example, a wedding away from the guests’ residence, or work projects with a team that requires coordinated and autonomous transfers.

Regardless of the purpose of the type of movement, Prestia and Comandè always manages to offer maximum comfort, making each transfer a pleasant experience: the vehicles in the fleet are in fact equipped with air conditioning and a wide range of accessories necessary to ensure the greatest possible comfort possible during the itinerary, with an eye especially for long distances.

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