RestArt: Palermo starts over from culture

After the long period of lockdown, the city of Palermo wants to restart from its rich artistic heritage and does so through the RestArt event, a latest generation festival that last year achieved an unexpected success, attracting a total of 15,000 visitors.

The event includes the opening, on weekends from July 2 to August 28, of a series of splendid monumental sites, which are open from 7pm until midnight. By subscribing on the appropriate platform, it will be possible to visit cultural sites, museums, palaces that allow you to read the city through periods, dominations, different layers that constitute the true wealth of a multicultural pole.

The inauguration of the festival was held on Friday 2 July and saw the reopening of the four Serpottian oratories of Santa Cita, Santissimo Rosario in San Domenico, San Lorenzo and San Mercurio. On the occasion, the rediscovered “Statue of the king” was presented, created by Procopio Serpotta and today restored thanks to the initiative of the Friends of the Sicilian Museums association with the support of the Sicily Foundation and the Pragma Consortium.

The canvases of Palazzo Abatellis and its marvelous Annunciata, the furnishings of Palazzo Mirto, but also the particular collections of Villa Zito and Palazzo Branciforte, the boxes of the Teatro Massimo and the incredible reproduction of Raphael’s altarpiece in Spasimo can also be visited at night. Also not to be missed is the church of Santa Caterina, from whose dome you can admire the Pretoria fountain.

There will be time to visit, among others, also Arab-Norman sites, such as the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti and Cuba, and from July 16 the prisons of the Penitentiates will also be part of the circuit, with graffiti that tell the story of the horror of the Inquisition. Ci sarà tempo per visitare, tra gli altri, anche siti arabo normanni, come la Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti e la Cuba, e dal 16 luglio entreranno a fare parte del circuito anche le carceri dei Penitenziati, con i graffiti che raccontano l’orrore dell’Inquisizione.

This year the event is enriched with many special events, such as exhibitions, video mapping, theatricalizations, meetings, concerts: Palazzo Valguarnera Gangi publicly opens for the first time the splendid halls where the Gattopardo was set, Palazzo Butera offers 5 thematic in-depth itineraries accompanied by exceptional guides, at the Tonnara dei Quattro Pizzi there is the exhibition on the rediscovered boudoir by Donna Franca Florio, Palazzo Abatellis offers the opportunity to talk on the terrace with the most authoritative exponents of the Palermo culture.

RestArt is an opportunity to start from the most authentic treasures of the city, aiming at not losing its cultural heritage, an essential asset for man and a privileged element of social cohesion that builds and edifies the community.

All this will allow the citizens of Palermo and the increasingly numerous and demanding visitors and tourists to experience the city through new kinds of use, to consolidate the relationship of beauty between the artistic heritage and the public, to discover the soul of the places and fall in love with it. It will benefit not only tourism but the citizens themselves, to whom this project wants to give hope and life back.

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