Travelling with minors: certifications and Green Pass

Summer has now arrived and “Green Pass” has become the watchword for those who want to travel in the upcoming months. The green certification, already available on government platforms, from the first of July will also be valid as the EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate: without prejudice to the interoperability of the certifications of all the countries of the Union, to travel in Europe it will be necessary to have a negative result from an antigenic or molecular swab if the Green Pass has been obtained following the first dose of vaccine or if 15 days have not yet elapsed from the inoculation of the second.

If for adults the situation is therefore clear enough, to go on holiday with minors in all serenity, some guidelines to follow have only recently begun to emerge, here are the main ones.

For minors from 6 years old it is necessary to present the green certification as well as for adults: to obtain the Green Pass it will therefore be necessary to have a vaccination certificate (in the 12-17 years age range , according to the green light of the Ema) , the result of a negative swab or the certificate of recovery from Covid within 6 months. Between 2 and 5 years, however, certification will be required but without the obligation of a swab; under the age of 2, however, there is no obligation to have a Green Pass.

As for countries with possible quarantine obligations for those without certification, children will follow the same rules or procedures addressed to parents, for example: if the destination country provides for a quarantine period in the absence of a Green Pass, the children from the age of 2 will have to follow the same rules dedicated to parents, those under the age of 2 (therefore without certification) will not have to undergo quarantine if their parents are exempt from it.

In addition to being valid for European Union countries, the European Green Pass will also be accepted by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

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