GustiBus: the “Cassatella” of Castellammare del Golfo

During a trip to San Vito Lo Capo or to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, a stop to Castellammare del Golfo cannot be missed: in this city is possible to taste the legendary cassatelle, sweet fried ravioli stuffed with ricotta and chocolate drops, covered with powdered sugar. Today Our GustiBus therefore stops in Castellammare to talk about the origins of this recipe.

The first traces of cassatelle date back to 1700 at Calatafimi Segesta, a town near Castellammare where it is believed that the original recipe was created. Usually this dessert was prepared during Easter or Carnival, but today it can be found throughout the Trapani area at any time of the year, having become one of the most famous traditional Sicilian desserts.

The secret of cassatelle (or cassatedde, or cappidduzzi) derives from the richness of its filling and from the contrast with the dough that encloses it: the ricotta is finely worked with sugar, cinnamon and chocolate drops, as well as for the most of the traditional desserts, and placed in the center of a handkerchief of pasta flavored with Marsala wine and lemon peel, which give a perfect sour touch, especially after frying in plenty of oil, creating a delicious and toasted crust.

As we have already seen talking about other desserts typical of the Sicilian tradition, also in this case there are some variations of the same recipe, based on the area in which it is made: in the Palermo area they are made with a fig filling (similar to buccellati) or in the Agira area with almonds and cocoa inside. Also in the Trapani area, there is a salty version stuffed with ricotta and flavored with meat or fish broths or with bolognese sauce.

During a trip to Sicily, tasting a cassatella is a stop that cannot be missed, a small, delightful moment that will surely make your day sweeter!

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