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“Green Pass”: certifications for traveling in Italy and Europe

The “Green Pass”, a certification through which it will be possible to travel or move between regions in Italy and Europe, seems to be the solution for summer travels.

Regarding travels within Italy, the situation to date is the clearest: this “green certification” consists of documents that certify the vaccination (even just one dose, as long as 15 days have passed since the first inoculation), an antigenic or molecular swab with negative results, the certificate of termination of isolation following the contraction of the disease. With these certificates at hand, it will be possible not only to travel between regions but also to attend a wedding.

Regarding trips from or to Italy, it will still be necessary, for those who have made the vaccine or for those who have finished isolation, to show the result of a negative swab, in line with the current European provisions, until the European Green Pass will be ready.

In this regard, the situation is yet to be defined, but precise and structured information should be available from July 1st: the EU Digital Covid Certificate should be issued through a special platform, where European countries will have previously uploaded the parameters for the certificate. The Certificate will in fact be based on a QR Code associated with a unique identification code at national level and readable by all EU countries, therefore the active participation of member states is essential in order to make the issue of the certificate fluid, usable and effective for all.

In the meantime, news regarding the access criteria of the EU states is on the agenda, so those wishing to make a trip will need to check the government portal dedicated to travel during the health emergency in order to have the most up-to-date news.

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