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FAI Spring Days 2021: the rediscovery of Sicilian beauties

Since 1993, Italy has celebrated its natural and cultural beauties with the FAI Spring Days, an event entirely dedicated to the rediscovery of Italian wonders.

Like Valle d’Aosta and Sardinia, also this year Sicily will be one of the protagonists of the 29th edition (which was also awarded with the Plaque of the President of the Italian Republic), although with some delay due to Covid restrictions.


These days, set for Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2021, will allow those who wish to visit different sites on the island, to discover many surprising beauties.

In fact, during this event, some places will be open to the public, many of which are less popular or not accessible on a daily basis.

The places that can be visited will be several, including the Collegiate Church of San Pietro e Paolo in Castelvetrano, the Botanical Garden and the Basilica of San Nicolò, the Arena of the Benedictine Monastery in Catania, the Naturae itinerary “The Ubano Geological Trail” and the wooden treasures of Isnello, the church of San Rocco and the ancient “calderole” of Acireale, the Donnafugata Garden in Pantelleria, Forte Ogliastri in Messina, and many other places around our beautiful island.


Moreover, in each location, the participants will be able to hear particular narratives of the sites they will visit, thus learning much more about the beauties of Sicily.

In this way, the volunteers of the association will also be able to make people learn about the new concept of FAI regarding the cultural and historical context of the country.

The visits and excursions will all take place in compliance with Covid regulations, keeping the right distance between the participants, which must all wear face masks. Safety will also be guaranteed thanks to the limited number of seats for each shift: in fact, reservations for entrances are available on the FAI website, until all seats are booked up.

This event is also an excellent opportunity to commemorate the rebirth of a nation tried by the events of recent years: by celebrating nature, art and history of these Italian regions, it is also possible to take a look into the future.

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