Beaches suitable for children: the triumph of Sicily

Over the past few weeks there have been the first rumors regarding the Green Flags 2021, which are related to the beaches ideal for families with children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years.

Also for this summer Sicily stands out in this ranking, with three coasts: Noto, Sampieri and Tonnarella, located in the eastern area of ​​Sicily. If Noto and Sampieri are two flagships of the South-East area of ​​the region, both also part of the Vie del Barocco, Tonnarella instead is located in the area of Messina, shortly after the Marinello lakes, another place of extraordinary beauty in the area.

Noto obtains this recognition for the fifth consecutive year, thanks to the wide and sandy coast with a few accesses to the sea, low water – allowing children to play safely -, presence of lifeguards and lifeboats, beaches equipped with changing tables and services dedicated to early childhood.

New entries are instead Sampieri and Tonnarella, whose beaches had some previous recognition not only thanks to all the requisites required to obtain the Green Flag, but also for the proximity to other structures such as farmhouses, thus sealing a particular proximity to sea and nature, an added value not to be overlooked. Furthermore, Sampieri was the first to obtain the title as she was the first to gather and deliver all the official documentation necessary for the candidacy, complete with as many as 55 reports from pediatricians, when 35 are sufficient by regulation.

The delivery ceremony of the Green Flags 2021 will be held in Alba Adriatica on July 10th, and never as this year the event is full of importance given the need for families and children to enjoy outdoor and seaside holidays, after a long period spent at home.

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