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Sicily: the region of records and curiosities

Sicily is a land full of curiosities, which even Sicilians themselves often don’t know and, just as often, correspond to Italian or even international records.

These anecdotes concern some of the naturalistic characteristics typical of the area, while others concern its history and culture, thanks to the different dominations that took place over the years.

Everyone knows the Sicilian natural beauties, but perhaps not everyone knows that:

  • Sicily has the primacy for protected natural areas, with its five natural parks, six marine protected areas and seventy-two nature reserves;
  • one of the most destructive event of the twentieth century is the Messina earthquake of 1908;
  • Sicily includes a variety of climates that contain almost all the climates of Europe and northern Africa.

Regarding monuments and artistic beauties, there are lots of surprises:

  • Sicily is the Italian region with the highest concentration of artistic and cultural heritage;
  • the oldest written document in Europe, a letter from Adelasia degli Aleramici dating back to 1109, is kept in the State Archives of Palermo;
  • the first jazz record in the world was recorded by Nick La Rocca, son of Sicilian emigrants;
  • the fresco “Il Trionfo della Morte” (The Triumph of Death) kept in Palazzo Abatellis inspired Pablo Picasso for the realization of Guernica;
  • the feast of Sant’Agata di Catania is one of the most important religious events in the world;
  • the Sicilian flag is the most long-lived in the world;
  • according to some testimonies, both ice cream and spaghetti have Sicilian origins!

Between nature, monuments and…food, of course, Sicily is a land waiting to be discovered, full of surprises for those who live there and for those who want to visit it as a tourist.

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