Summer 2020: traveling in Europe is possible again

The perspectives on the progressive loosening of restrictive measures regarding travels in Europe following the Covid-19 emergency have now a form: starting from June 15th, in fact, European countries have started organizing airports for traveling within the continent, taking into account that, at the discretion of each nation, there may still be limitations for non-essential travels until June 30th.

The different situations experienced by each country regarding the health emergency has led to a great diversification of the measures taken by each European state, resulting in limitations and filters of different kinds. These operations are regulated and monitored with the collaboration of the European Union itself, which has created an interactive map that will attempt to show a clear and updated picture regarding vacations in Europe in 2020.

Greece provided some initial clarifications, being inevitably one of the countries most impacted by the matter as one of the most popular summer destinations: Greece is going to open its airports to European passengers by carrying out sample tests, except for tourists coming from the Italian regions most affected by Covid-19, from Spain and Holland, for which testing will be mandatory (in the case of negative results, a seven-day quarantine is foreseen, going up to at least fourteen days in the case of positivity).

Croatia has instead adopted a different line, opening its borders to Italians starting from May 29 with the use of a reservation form to be filled online before leaving. The form needs to be shown on arrival at the airport and at the accommodation facility, so as to accurately monitor the flow of passengers.

France, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland will welcome tourists gradually but without quarantine obligation, which is however still expected to be valid in Spain albeit temporarily. Regarding the United Kingdom, instead, a 14-day home isolation and the exhibition of reference contacts remain mandatory in order to monitor the passenger. In the event of violation of the British regulation, severe fines are imposed.

Given that for many countries the measures to be taken are still being defined, compatibly with the evolution of the pandemic in Europe, it is advisable to consult the Farnesina website with the latest news on the matter, in order to avoid surprises during your vacations.

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