Website and smartphone app: how to purchase of Prestia e Comandè tickets online

Buying Prestia e Comandè tickets online, for our local routes or for the shuttle bus to and from the airport, is practical and convenient. Soon the online purchase of Prestia e Comandè tickets will be even easier and faster thanks to the new website and the new app which, in order to offer a highly technologized service with the passenger’s best interest at heart.

The digitization of ticket offices is now widely diffused, users have become accustomed to buying through websites or smartphone ticket applications and not only, in order to save time and to secure seats, even at the cinema!

If our ticket purchase service is indeed set up to meet the customer’s needs, with offices open according to the departure time of each route and staff at each stop – also for the shuttle bus to the airport – the online purchase of tickets completes the passenger travel experience on our vehicles, allowing since several years the booking of seats in advance and at convenient prices!

After booking a plane ticket for your next vacation or business trip, buying online the ticket for your seat inside the shuttle bus to and from the airport is the natural next step to complete the planned trip with good functionality and organization. The possibility of using a smartphone application for the purchase, then, is an additional advantage thanks to the possibility of registering with your social network credentials and completing the procedure in a few simple steps.

Whether you want to book from home with your personal computer or from your smartphone with the dedicated application, online shopping allows you to make your travels even more comfortable, especially in this period where traveling involves a few more small steps: as already mentioned in the decalogue “Traveling safely on Prestia e Comandè buses”, the advance purchase of your ticket facilitates bus access procedures and allows the organization of seats with greater functionality and efficiency.

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