Travel safely on Prestia and Comandè vehicles

In this delicate period, thinking about your own safety and that of the others is fundamental, so adopting suitable precautions to make your travel experience with our bus and shuttle bus fleet more serene is our priority.

The safety of our passengers and the cleanliness of ticket offices and vehicles have always been a priority, but in these last few months we have taken steps to ensure the absolute safety of our travellers. 

The preliminary phase to ensure this is the adequate sanification of our vehicles, which is performed by using a special ozone generator, that thanks to its very high oxidizing power allows to eliminate viruses, bacteria and parasites that can deposit on the tissues: seats, curtains and the carpet floor are treated with this system.

Since a bus is in all respects a closed space, we have also thought about ventilation, using air-purification systems: a sanitizer is sprayed inside our air conditioning systems which, in addition to acting as a virus inactivator, also reduces the risks of the most common allergic reactions by removing pathogens such as bacteria, mold, fungi and pollen.

Our prevention measures for our customers’ and staff’s health begin from the moment of ticket purchase: online purchase is always preferable, but our ticket offices are also equipped with transparent panels and spacers in case of queue. Our passengers are advised not to use our services if they experience fever or flu symptoms.

Before boarding, each passenger must wear a protective mask (one in fabric is also fine) and respect the distance rules both when accessing the vehicle and when taking a seat on the bus. To facilitate this procedure, seats are assigned on board in order to respect the planned distances and, on seats where it is not allowed to sit, there are special indications. We also offer to our passengers the opportunity to disinfect their hands thanks to the special sanitizing gel dispensers placed at the entrance of the vehicles.

By observing these simple rules we can take you to your destination preserving our safety and that of others, so that we can start travelling together again like before.

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