The Prestia and Comandè platforms leave the user great freedom in managing their tickets and their subscription, creating a small private ticket office through the special reserved area, to always carry with them.

The same wide choice is also given as regards the payment methods through which you can buy your tickets, through practical, safe and protected systems, valid all over the world. By purchasing your Prestia and Comandè tickets online it is in fact possible to choose whether to pay with credit cards of the most popular Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express circuits, through the Chinese circuit UnionPay and also other platforms such as PayPal or MyBank for instantaneous bank transfers.

To pay through these platforms, just a few clicks and a few intuitive steps are enough, allowing you to buy your tickets for the Prestia and Comandè buses quickly and at any time, both from your smartphone and from your computer.

We also remind you that from 31 December, once the online payment has been made, according to the SCA – Strong Customer Authentication, an additional security step will be required, which involves biometric recognition via the bank’s App or the insertion of a code ” disposable ” incoming via SMS.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to buy your Prestia e Comandè ticket at the ticket office, you can choose whether to pay in cash or by card even on board! You can therefore get on the bus and pay the driver directly with your credit card, through safe and secure transactions in all speed and safety, even contactless for cards prepared (now most of them).

Whether you choose to buy online, at the ticket office, at stops or on board, the payment methods are quick as well as the purchase procedure, to make the travel experience even simpler, easier and more immediate!


Prestia and Comandè coach rental services meet different types of needs, responding with the usual professionalism and quality that distinguishes the company, which has made the comfort of its passengers the main focus.

The company offers various bus rental formulas, each with driver and dedicated to transfers, tours of Sicily or excursions, but also much longer routes, nationally and internationally. The means made available by Prestia and Comandè include coaches with 56, 42, 28, 19 and 9 seats, as well as car transfer services.

The Prestia and Comandè fleet therefore responds to any request, opportunity to take advantage of during this holiday period, especially this year. Traveling in company is always a valuable experience, sharing a trip with a group, with people with whom you share a specific bond, further amplifies the pleasant aspect of the tour or vacation you intend to undertake. We can, for example, talk about trips with one’s own more or less extended family unit, as well as with groups of friends with whom you intend to organize itineraries in all carefree, relying on the professionalism of the team of Prestia and Comandè drivers.

At the same way, organizing trips with more or less large groups is more practical if with a single vehicle, on convivial occasions such as, for example, a wedding away from the guests’ residence, or work projects with a team that requires coordinated and autonomous transfers.

Regardless of the purpose of the type of movement, Prestia and Comandè always manages to offer maximum comfort, making each transfer a pleasant experience: the vehicles in the fleet are in fact equipped with air conditioning and a wide range of accessories necessary to ensure the greatest possible comfort possible during the itinerary, with an eye especially for long distances.


The Prestia e Comandè computer or smartphone platforms allow you to book or change tickets and season tickets, manage your customer data, monitor buses in real time.c

As we have already seen, inside the reserved area each customer can access the services offered by Prestia e Comandè 24 hours a day, comfortably from the sofa or from his own mobile device. In addition to the features that we have already talked about, there are two very important elements dedicated to the customer, which allow frequent travelers to obtain advantages and … prizes!

By purchasing tickets for their route as registered customer, each passenger will have the opportunity to participate in points collection: 15 points are assigned to one-way routes and 30 for round-trips (although the cost of the round trip ticket has an advantaged cost of 10 € compared to 11 €). Once 300 points have been collected, the passenger can have a free ride, while with 600 points it will be possible to make a round trip. Through this system, therefore, the more you travel the more you accumulate points the more…you travel for free!

The routes won by collecting points can be monitored from the coupon section, where there are also the passenger’s other “credits”, deriving for example from a suspended or canceled ticket: managing and using your Prestia e Comandè coupons is quick and easy, as within the section you can easily identify the amount of coupons won by collecting points (Appy Gifts field), those still valid and therefore to be used, those which have already been used and those that have expired. From the same section it is also possible to convert your paper coupons issued by physical ticket offices.

Using this system, the platform becomes a real tool for users who regularly use the Prestia e Comandè services, such as the routes to and from the Falcone e Borsellino airport in Palermo and the extra-urban routes.


As we have already seen, online ticket offices are the easiest, fastest and most convenient service to buy tickets of any kind.

With the new Prestia e Comandè platforms, it will be possible to buy the ticket for your seat directly from the website or from the app, a service that was already available but that the new features make even simpler and more fluid, more and more handy and functional.

Prestia e Comandè tickets can be purchased both for the routes to and from Palermo Falcone e Borsellino Airport and for the extra-urban stops of the fleet, allowing you to easly organize your trips even before leaving home.

Through the new platforms it is possible to purchase your ticket both as a guest, proceeding quickly without registration, or as a registered user, a possibility that also allows you to monitor and manage the purchased routes simply and quickly.

Once you have paid for your ticket by credit card, the ticket will be sent to your mailbox together with an A4 label, that you can comfortably print at home and hang to the handle of your luggage: in this way it is easier to recognize your own baggage when getting out of the vehicle, thanks to the QR Code which contains the personal data of the owner of the suitcase.

And what if, once the ticket has been purchased, there are some changes in your plans? No problem! If the ticket was purchased as a guest, you can contact the Prestia e Comandè customer support. If, on the other hand, you have your own reserved area, you can easily change or suspend your ticket: from the “tickets” section, in fact, you can change the date or time or suspend the ticket, automatically generating a coupon corresponding to the spent amount, to be used later. The acquired coupons can also be monitored and managed from the reserved area.

With the Prestia e Comandè website and app, traveling with the company vehicles is even easier and faster, with just one click!


As we have already seen in the general overview of the new Prestia e Comandè platforms, by accessing the reserved area you can create or renew passes.

Subscribing to Prestia e Comandè allows you to further simplify the already rapid procedures for accessing fleet vehicles, especially if you travel frequently or plan to use this feature intensively in the short or long term, thus favoring a package purchase that is convenient in terms of costs and practicality.

The subscription, a service that already existed, takes on a completely different look with the new platform, making this feature fully available online: if previously a paper system was preferred, now it is possible to manage the subscription from smartphones too, always having it at hand then. But let’s go into detail.

From his reserved area, each customer can proceed to use his subscription by selecting the requested route and the desired place: the service is valid both for intra-regional trips and for the shuttle bus service to and from the airport. The possibility of reserving a seat on a specific date and time is a great new feature, allowing for an even smarter and faster procedure. You can then organize everything even before leaving home with the certainty of having boarding priority compared to those who buy the ticket at the stop.

Through the platform it is possible to renew your subscription and create a new one, by entering some fundamental data such as your profile photo, social security number or electronic billing data (if necessary): in this way it is possible to proceed with the creation of a digital subscription containing all the subscriber’s personal data, ensuring then its security and uniqueness.

As this brief overview suggests, the Prestia e Comandè subscription service is now even easier and faster, the ideal and convenient solution for those who travel frequently in our vehicles, which are now even more within reach thanks to the new smartphone and pc platforms.