It seems that the prospects for those who want to travel during summer 2021 have begun to take on a more positive connotation: from May 15th, in fact, for those traveling to Italy from Europe, it will be enough to show the negative swab report or the Covid vaccination certificate, without having to undergo the quarantine period required until now.

This regulation will apply to all the countries of the European Union, Great Britain and Israel, and has obviously been welcomed with great relief by the Italian tourism sector, which is already beginning to see the first reservations for the summer from the Netherlands, Germany. and Portugal.

The next step, now, consists in applying the same measures also for those coming from the United States (where Covid-free flights are already on the agenda), from Russia and China, the most important areas where tourist come from to visit Italy.

Regarding Sicily, however, the Covid-free islands project has been correctly launched: in Salina for example the first part of the generalized vaccination has already been completed and the other Aeolian islands are proceeding, and the same is for Lampedusa. The project will end with the islands of Ustica and Linosa, with the hope of ending within a few weeks and making some of the most important locations of tourism in Italy safe for both its population and tourists.

For those traveling from Sicily, on the other hand, Palermo Falcone e Borsellino Airport announced the 91 destinations for summer 2021, between domestic and international, aimed at connecting 21 countries with 31 airlines, including some new entries such as Blue Air , Lumiwings, Lot and Wizz Air.

After a difficult year for tourists and operators of the sector, it would therefore seem that there is a glimpse, which it is hoped to become bigger and more concrete in the coming weeks.


Protagonist of the architecture and history of Palermo between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, the Liberty style has strongly marked the characteristics of the city, leaving today several traces of its unique and elegant style.

Most of the villas and gardens of Palermo in Liberty and Art Nouveau style are open to visitors during certain periods of the year (such as for Le Vie dei Tesori), attracting citizens and tourists curious to relive, through the walls of the ancient noble houses, glimpses and moments of a bygone era. For years, however, the hypothesis of creating a real Art Nouveau Itinerary had been making its way, a project that today feels more real than ever: news of the last few days is in fact the one coming from the Regional Presidency, which announces the intention to finance the creation of the regional Liberty Museum of Villa Deliella and the itinerary with the same name.

This news has its important artistic and cultural significance, but not only: between the 1950s and 1960s the characteristics of Palermo were completely transformed due to building speculation, the so-called “Sacco di Palermo” (Sack of Palermo), which resulted in the destruction of many of the most emblematic Liberty villas of the city, including the aforementioned Villa Deliella, on whose land there is now a parking lot; the choice to recognize the importance of an architectural style that has profoundly marked the history and society of Sicily is therefore a clear signal of the desire to restore, as far as possible, the repeatedly violated beauty of a city that has seen during the Art Nouveau period its golden age.

Going to the first news on the project, the itinerary will connect the remains of Villa Deliella with the Villino Ida (which will be used as a museum entirely dedicated to the architect Ernesto Basile), the Villino Favaloro (which will become the seat of the Regional Museum of Photography) and the Villino Florio (inside which temporary thematic exhibitions will be organized). It will be therefore even more interesting and evocative to follow the footsteps of the great protagonists of the time, including Ernesto Basile himself, the Florio and Whitaker families, rediscovering the beauty and characteristics of a part of the city yet to be discovered, for those who visit the city of Palermo for the first time and also for its citizens.


The summer breeze is already in the air and the first hypotheses about the upcoming summer holidays are making their way and, thanks to the vaccination plan, the forecasts on the characteristics of the second summer since the beginning of the healt emergency are starting to take place.

As already foreseen, and as occurred for the last season, Sicily is again among the favorite locations, especially considering the chance of staying in rooms or apartments in locations with several attractions just a few km away from each others. Also from Sicily it will be possible to travel easily, thanks to the new airport routes recently inaugurated and the protective measures taken for those traveling, both departing and returning. An example is that of Palermo Airport, which from April 19th will provide a free antigen swab also for departing passengers: the passengers will just have to show the boarding pass and fill in the form (which can also be downloaded and filled in from home) to access the dedicated area, also accessible from the day before for those traveling on the first flight in the morning.

Still on the subject of air travel, the news of the opening, by Ryanair, of new routes from Palermo Airport, to Cagliari, Alghero, Seville, London, Krakow and other destinations, is in recent days, including the possibility to change your booking at no additional costs and twice for flights purchased by June 2021 departing until October 2021. Travel to London will also be possible with EasyJet, with 6 weekly flights to Luton, and to Germany with Eurowings, twice a week to Düsseldorf.

Compatibly with any updates on the current restrictions, in anticipation of the summer it will be possible to travel with vaccine certification or with a swab made at least 48 hours before, which becomes more and more usable and concrete, making us begin to breathe a little bit of summertime.

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A few kilometers away from Agrigento there is a unique place in Sicily, a real open-air museum entirely dedicated to contemporary art and architecture: we are talking about the Farm Cultural Park of Favara, which just recently obtained the Seoul Human Design City Award for the design of harmonious and sustainable realities between individuals, society and nature.

The Farm Cultural Park, which today has a substantial number of visitors from all over the world, was founded in 2005 with the aim of creating a space dedicated to exhibitions, or where was possible to organize meetings and events focused on the world of art, music and culture in general, among the buildings’ courtyards and gardens of the historic center of Favara. The basic idea arises from the fusion of three unique places in the world, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Marrakech and Camden Town in London, real symbols of the interaction between cultures, creativity, art and dynamism. The success of this formula was such that, after a few years, the Farm entered the sixth place in the ranking of contemporary art tourist destinations, up to the latest Korean recognition where the project succeeded among ten international competitors.

The harmonious fusion of residents’ homes, museum areas, accommodation facilities and shops has made the heart of Favara a real Casbah in Sicily, becoming the second most visited place in the Agrigento area after the Valley of the Temples. For those who are thinking about making a trip to Sicily, or for Sicilians who love to discover the beauties of their land, the Farm Cultural Park is an important step to discover a new and original side of Sicily.


Although the current situation is still quite complex, lots of people are starting to think about summer vacations: thanks to the projections of the Tourism Economics Observatory of the Chambers of Commerce of Isnart and Unioncamere – according to which 80% of the Italians interviewed said they wanted to plan a holiday for 2021, as soon as it becomes possible – we learn the first news about the summer tourism sector in Sicily.

The first news comes from Palermo Falcone e Borsellino Airport, which in addition to having expanded its routes with the inauguration of the Palermo-Amsterdam one with EasyJet, announces that it has activated rapid and reliable “second generation” antigen-tests in order to make airport prevention measures faster and more effective.

Interesting news also come from important Sicilian cities with tourist attractions such as Taormina, which is preparing to become the reference point for the Sicilian summer 2021: consistent with the health emergency, the calendar of events of the Ancient Theater is already being planned, among which are confirmed the TaoBook and the Taormina Film Festival. On the other hand, the intention is to make the Castle of Monte Tauro accessible again securing the path and with a new public lighting system.

In addition to travel and places of interest, there also some news regarding the hospitality sector, which seem to suggest that the protagonists of the summer will be apartments, B&Bs and guest houses, which can represent a more flexible and last minute vacation that, inevitably, will be the most popular during the next hot season.

Sicily, thanks to its characteristics, cultural and natural beauties will probably be among the protagonists of the second most unusual and particular summer of the contemporary era, with the hope of being able to enjoy its characteristics in tranquility and safety.


From the prospects regarding travel tendencies in 2021, Italy – as already happened last sommer – is expected to be the main destination for the travels of Italians, which during this last period have discovered, or rediscovered, its suggestive places and villages.

The desire to discover the most hidden corners of our country has also involved the most important international fashion houses, which have chosen Italy as sets of their advertising campaigns, selecting non-mainstream places really close to us.

The first case, more “close” to us in every sense, is the one of Dolce e Gabbana’s spot called Devotion: the fashion house returned to Sicily last summer to create a real short set in Villa Valguarnera near Bagheria , with Ennio Morricone’s music and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, who was born in Bagheria.

Another fashion brand that chose Italy and the Italian excellence in the movie sector is Dior with its “Il Castello dei Tarocchi”, a 15-minute short film that speaks about the new haute couture collection with Sammezzano Castle near Florence, as location, which is characterized by a particularly eclectic and original style that has been able to give the spot the esoteric and mysterious imprint that director Matteo Garrone wanted to communicate to the public.

The same trend is also used by Gucci, which in the past has accompanied us on a journey to Italy with a glamorous taste but also focused on the very essence of the country, portrayed in its most genuine expressions: if two years ago the brand chose as set the baroque ruins of Canale Monterano near Rome, last summer it was Umbria that welcomed Gucci in La Scarzuola, an architectural project in Montegabbione.

The two-year period 2020-2021 is therefore marking a new union between fashion and Italy, which goes beyond the obvious symbols that characterize Italian fashion but rather seals a new path made of Italianness and authenticity typical of Made in Italy, elements that are captuirng the attention of travelers in this very particular period.


2021 has just started and we are already thinking about the first anticipations regarding summer travels, with the first important data both in terms of destinations and travelers’ attitudes.

There are many online agencies that are thinking already about the intentions of their users, considering obviously the restrictions on travel conditions due to the health emergency.

Starting from destinations, as we had already seen in spring, the favorite destinations are big metropolises and art cities: Milan, London and Paris are in the top ten, but the absolute protagonist among European cities is Lisbon, already winner of the World Travel Awards in 2020. The city, in fact, maintains its leadership for the highly diversified tourist offer between culture, gastronomy, nature reserves and UNESCO sites.

Other recurring destinations are Dubai and Tokyo, venues respectively of EXPO and the Olympics, both events postponed to 2021.

Going to travel trends, the data for summer 2020 are confirmed, thus marking a concrete change in the habits of travelers, destined to last at least for the entire current season: if the business travel world is significantly reduced, the percentage of last minute trips is instead increased, a symptom that travelers have become accustomed to planning their trips shortly in advance based on the current situation.

Proximity travel still remains a fact not to be underestimated, in fact there are still many travelers who choose as holiday destination places close to their residence, a choice due not only to the uncertainty of the moment but also to the economic repercussions of the recent period.

Making accurate forecasts for summer 2021 is therefore still difficult, but the news regarding health suggest the desire of tourists to start traveling again.


Last month took place the reopening ceremony of the Giuseppe Pitrè Sicilian Ethnographic Museum, after five years of restructuring and reorganization of the exhibition. Although the event was held in presence, on the day of the birth of the Palermitan ethnologist, for the moment the exhibitions and events related to the structure are accessible only in streaming with a calendar full of events

The museum, founded in 1909, collects some of the most important archeological finds and paper documents relating to Sicilian culture and popular traditions: the two sites of the museum contain about 4000 objects, some collected by Pitrè himself and others from ethnographic collections and private donations. The main office, the one inside the garden of the Casina Cinese in the Parco della Favorita, has 30 exhibition rooms and a well-assorted library, according to the structure designed by Pitrè himself.

Conceived to best tell the history of Sicily and its traditions, the Pitrè museum “lives” also in this particular period thanks to the streaming events, inaugurated during the holiday period and which will continue in the coming months: in addition to live shows and performances in streaming inside the museum itself, there are also shows focused on Giuseppe Pitrè, who will virtually accompany us through the rooms he strongly desired.

An important point of reference for those who want to learn more about the culture of the Mediterranean, the Pitrè Museum offers interesting food for thought both for citizens and for those who want to discover the city of Palermo and Sicilian traditions, today in an even easier way, online from your living room!


Great news in the world of online payments: Strong Customer Authentication, the so-called “strong authentication” (SCA), is active starting from December 31st, which provides for a further step of personal authentication for web payments.

The SCA is required by the Payment Service Directive (P2D2), which, together with the opening of financial services to the online world, has introduced these necessary new security systems to protect the user.

The double level of authentication includes the so-called 3D Secure 2 (3DS2), a more advanced recognition system than 3D Secure 1, which provides for biometric recognition via the bank’s App or with a “disposable” code that arrives via SMS to the number associated with the credit card: it is believed that the new procedure with 3D Secure 2 makes payment times longer, a small price to pay in order to obtain more security for online payments.

As with all forms of online payment, 3DS2 must also be entered for the purchase of tickets on our platform and on our App.


During these quiet and festive days, Palermo has had as guests journalists, bloggers, national and international influencers, participants in the #flytopalermo initiative aimed at showing not only the city, its culture and places, but also all the projects dedicated to the restart 2021.

This “suspended” period was in fact used by personalities of culture and of the city institutions to think about the restart of the new year, which is almost here, developing techniques and relaunch initiatives dedicated to companies, tourist, hotel and cultural associations.

The team of guests involved stood out for the variety of professionals chosen, from influencers to designers, from bloggers to food and wine journalists. The point of view of foreign journalists is particularly valuable in terms of opening the city to an increasingly international and diversified audience.

For two weeks, the correspondents took turns following a busy calendar of events and meetings that involved cultural operators, the hospitality, food and wine sectors but not only: visits to the historic center and the surroundings, such as Monreale or the Madonie, were also organized to breathe the city’s and in general the Sicilian atmosphere.

The feedback from the guests involved was very positive: as many have said, the experience made it possible to have a cultural glimps of Palermo, the foundations of which are the result of a mixture of art, history, culture, food and wine, full of splendor but also of contradictions. Great affection was also shown towards its citizens, described as generous and welcoming enough to make visitors want to go to Palermo again.