Summer has come to end but the travel subject is still one of the main trend topics, especially for those areas where the tourist influx remains constant even in the low season. The evolution of the health emergency containment measures also make the scenario even more lively and constantly updated.

The most important news of the last few days certainly concerns the United States, which from November 1st will open the borders to travelers from 33 countries around the world in the case of a completed vaccination cycle, while maintaining the obligation of test 3 days before departure. For all those who wish to go to the US, however, beware of the medicine with which they have been vaccinated: the United States has not recognized some of the vaccines common in Europe and the world, therefore vaccination with these may not guarantee access to the country.

As for the countries of the European Union, if for the majority of these there is the obligation of the Green Pass (obtained after the vaccination cycle, through a certificate of recovery from Covid or with a negative swab carried out within the previous 48 hours), some nations apply some small variations, to be taken into consideration if you want to travel this fall: Spain, for example, has divided the risk areas for Italian citizens also by region, so before leaving you need to check the status of yours; in addition to this, the filling of a form certifying one’s state of health remains mandatory; the Czech Republic has also adopted a specific control form. In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, in addition to the Green Pass, the obligation to take a quick swab remains in place 48 hours after arrival on British soil.

In addition to the United States, Canada has also opened its borders for tourism with Green Pass and tampon in hand, while Tokyo and Japan still remain off limits for tourism, with suspension of entries for non-work, non-serious and non-health reasons until on a date to be determined.

It would therefore seem that, compared to exactly one year ago, the tourist situation is taking on more and more stable connotations, giving hope for a return to normality, to travel and holidays that are increasingly tangible.


After the long period of lockdown, the city of Palermo wants to restart from its rich artistic heritage and does so through the RestArt event, a latest generation festival that last year achieved an unexpected success, attracting a total of 15,000 visitors.

The event includes the opening, on weekends from July 2 to August 28, of a series of splendid monumental sites, which are open from 7pm until midnight. By subscribing on the appropriate platform, it will be possible to visit cultural sites, museums, palaces that allow you to read the city through periods, dominations, different layers that constitute the true wealth of a multicultural pole.

The inauguration of the festival was held on Friday 2 July and saw the reopening of the four Serpottian oratories of Santa Cita, Santissimo Rosario in San Domenico, San Lorenzo and San Mercurio. On the occasion, the rediscovered “Statue of the king” was presented, created by Procopio Serpotta and today restored thanks to the initiative of the Friends of the Sicilian Museums association with the support of the Sicily Foundation and the Pragma Consortium.

The canvases of Palazzo Abatellis and its marvelous Annunciata, the furnishings of Palazzo Mirto, but also the particular collections of Villa Zito and Palazzo Branciforte, the boxes of the Teatro Massimo and the incredible reproduction of Raphael’s altarpiece in Spasimo can also be visited at night. Also not to be missed is the church of Santa Caterina, from whose dome you can admire the Pretoria fountain.

There will be time to visit, among others, also Arab-Norman sites, such as the Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti and Cuba, and from July 16 the prisons of the Penitentiates will also be part of the circuit, with graffiti that tell the story of the horror of the Inquisition. Ci sarà tempo per visitare, tra gli altri, anche siti arabo normanni, come la Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti e la Cuba, e dal 16 luglio entreranno a fare parte del circuito anche le carceri dei Penitenziati, con i graffiti che raccontano l’orrore dell’Inquisizione.

This year the event is enriched with many special events, such as exhibitions, video mapping, theatricalizations, meetings, concerts: Palazzo Valguarnera Gangi publicly opens for the first time the splendid halls where the Gattopardo was set, Palazzo Butera offers 5 thematic in-depth itineraries accompanied by exceptional guides, at the Tonnara dei Quattro Pizzi there is the exhibition on the rediscovered boudoir by Donna Franca Florio, Palazzo Abatellis offers the opportunity to talk on the terrace with the most authoritative exponents of the Palermo culture.

RestArt is an opportunity to start from the most authentic treasures of the city, aiming at not losing its cultural heritage, an essential asset for man and a privileged element of social cohesion that builds and edifies the community.

All this will allow the citizens of Palermo and the increasingly numerous and demanding visitors and tourists to experience the city through new kinds of use, to consolidate the relationship of beauty between the artistic heritage and the public, to discover the soul of the places and fall in love with it. It will benefit not only tourism but the citizens themselves, to whom this project wants to give hope and life back.


Summer has now arrived and “Green Pass” has become the watchword for those who want to travel in the upcoming months. The green certification, already available on government platforms, from the first of July will also be valid as the EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate: without prejudice to the interoperability of the certifications of all the countries of the Union, to travel in Europe it will be necessary to have a negative result from an antigenic or molecular swab if the Green Pass has been obtained following the first dose of vaccine or if 15 days have not yet elapsed from the inoculation of the second.

If for adults the situation is therefore clear enough, to go on holiday with minors in all serenity, some guidelines to follow have only recently begun to emerge, here are the main ones.

For minors from 6 years old it is necessary to present the green certification as well as for adults: to obtain the Green Pass it will therefore be necessary to have a vaccination certificate (in the 12-17 years age range , according to the green light of the Ema) , the result of a negative swab or the certificate of recovery from Covid within 6 months. Between 2 and 5 years, however, certification will be required but without the obligation of a swab; under the age of 2, however, there is no obligation to have a Green Pass.

As for countries with possible quarantine obligations for those without certification, children will follow the same rules or procedures addressed to parents, for example: if the destination country provides for a quarantine period in the absence of a Green Pass, the children from the age of 2 will have to follow the same rules dedicated to parents, those under the age of 2 (therefore without certification) will not have to undergo quarantine if their parents are exempt from it.

In addition to being valid for European Union countries, the European Green Pass will also be accepted by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


After the announcement in May, the SeeSicily campaign officially starts, which is the tourism promotion plan of the Sicilian Region dedicated to the restart of the summer 2021 season.

The project is full of good news for those who want to spend their holidays in Sicily, providing the possibility of obtaining vouchers for free services entirely tailored to tourists. By contacting the agencies registered in the program, travelers can thus purchase vouchers for: a free overnight stay every three overnights (up to a maximum of two nights as a gift, to be spent at previously registered facilities), one free touristic service to be chosen between excursions, diving or guided tours, free admission to accredited cultural sites (starting from July) and discounts on national and international flights starting from October, in order to extend tourist flows beyond the summer period.

The promotional campaign of the project, launched recently, sees as protagonists some famous Sicilians such as the étoile Eleonora Abbagnato, the actress Nicole Grimaudo, the gymnast Carlotta Ferlito and the two songwriters Colapesce and Dimartino, framed in the most characteristic and typical contexts of Sicily, in order to best represent its essence in every aspect.

With SeeSicily a further step towards the restart after a difficult year is made, encouraging tourism in Sicily also following the push of the vaccination plan and the first travel indications in terms of certifications. For Italians it has been possible for a few days to download the Italian Green Pass, by entering the personal data in the portals indicated by the email or by the specific text message that will be sent to who have started or completed the vaccination course, swabbed or obtained termination of quarantine certification.

During the first days of summer, the prospects begin to have a well-defined shape and Sicily seems to once again play an important role in tourism in Italy.

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The “Green Pass”, a certification through which it will be possible to travel or move between regions in Italy and Europe, seems to be the solution for summer travels.

Regarding travels within Italy, the situation to date is the clearest: this “green certification” consists of documents that certify the vaccination (even just one dose, as long as 15 days have passed since the first inoculation), an antigenic or molecular swab with negative results, the certificate of termination of isolation following the contraction of the disease. With these certificates at hand, it will be possible not only to travel between regions but also to attend a wedding.

Regarding trips from or to Italy, it will still be necessary, for those who have made the vaccine or for those who have finished isolation, to show the result of a negative swab, in line with the current European provisions, until the European Green Pass will be ready.

In this regard, the situation is yet to be defined, but precise and structured information should be available from July 1st: the EU Digital Covid Certificate should be issued through a special platform, where European countries will have previously uploaded the parameters for the certificate. The Certificate will in fact be based on a QR Code associated with a unique identification code at national level and readable by all EU countries, therefore the active participation of member states is essential in order to make the issue of the certificate fluid, usable and effective for all.

In the meantime, news regarding the access criteria of the EU states is on the agenda, so those wishing to make a trip will need to check the government portal dedicated to travel during the health emergency in order to have the most up-to-date news.

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Since 1993, Italy has celebrated its natural and cultural beauties with the FAI Spring Days, an event entirely dedicated to the rediscovery of Italian wonders.

Like Valle d’Aosta and Sardinia, also this year Sicily will be one of the protagonists of the 29th edition (which was also awarded with the Plaque of the President of the Italian Republic), although with some delay due to Covid restrictions.


These days, set for Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2021, will allow those who wish to visit different sites on the island, to discover many surprising beauties.

In fact, during this event, some places will be open to the public, many of which are less popular or not accessible on a daily basis.

The places that can be visited will be several, including the Collegiate Church of San Pietro e Paolo in Castelvetrano, the Botanical Garden and the Basilica of San Nicolò, the Arena of the Benedictine Monastery in Catania, the Naturae itinerary “The Ubano Geological Trail” and the wooden treasures of Isnello, the church of San Rocco and the ancient “calderole” of Acireale, the Donnafugata Garden in Pantelleria, Forte Ogliastri in Messina, and many other places around our beautiful island.


Moreover, in each location, the participants will be able to hear particular narratives of the sites they will visit, thus learning much more about the beauties of Sicily.

In this way, the volunteers of the association will also be able to make people learn about the new concept of FAI regarding the cultural and historical context of the country.

The visits and excursions will all take place in compliance with Covid regulations, keeping the right distance between the participants, which must all wear face masks. Safety will also be guaranteed thanks to the limited number of seats for each shift: in fact, reservations for entrances are available on the FAI website, until all seats are booked up.

This event is also an excellent opportunity to commemorate the rebirth of a nation tried by the events of recent years: by celebrating nature, art and history of these Italian regions, it is also possible to take a look into the future.


Over the past few weeks there have been the first rumors regarding the Green Flags 2021, which are related to the beaches ideal for families with children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years.

Also for this summer Sicily stands out in this ranking, with three coasts: Noto, Sampieri and Tonnarella, located in the eastern area of ​​Sicily. If Noto and Sampieri are two flagships of the South-East area of ​​the region, both also part of the Vie del Barocco, Tonnarella instead is located in the area of Messina, shortly after the Marinello lakes, another place of extraordinary beauty in the area.

Noto obtains this recognition for the fifth consecutive year, thanks to the wide and sandy coast with a few accesses to the sea, low water – allowing children to play safely -, presence of lifeguards and lifeboats, beaches equipped with changing tables and services dedicated to early childhood.

New entries are instead Sampieri and Tonnarella, whose beaches had some previous recognition not only thanks to all the requisites required to obtain the Green Flag, but also for the proximity to other structures such as farmhouses, thus sealing a particular proximity to sea and nature, an added value not to be overlooked. Furthermore, Sampieri was the first to obtain the title as she was the first to gather and deliver all the official documentation necessary for the candidacy, complete with as many as 55 reports from pediatricians, when 35 are sufficient by regulation.

The delivery ceremony of the Green Flags 2021 will be held in Alba Adriatica on July 10th, and never as this year the event is full of importance given the need for families and children to enjoy outdoor and seaside holidays, after a long period spent at home.


It seems that the prospects for those who want to travel during summer 2021 have begun to take on a more positive connotation: from May 15th, in fact, for those traveling to Italy from Europe, it will be enough to show the negative swab report or the Covid vaccination certificate, without having to undergo the quarantine period required until now.

This regulation will apply to all the countries of the European Union, Great Britain and Israel, and has obviously been welcomed with great relief by the Italian tourism sector, which is already beginning to see the first reservations for the summer from the Netherlands, Germany. and Portugal.

The next step, now, consists in applying the same measures also for those coming from the United States (where Covid-free flights are already on the agenda), from Russia and China, the most important areas where tourist come from to visit Italy.

Regarding Sicily, however, the Covid-free islands project has been correctly launched: in Salina for example the first part of the generalized vaccination has already been completed and the other Aeolian islands are proceeding, and the same is for Lampedusa. The project will end with the islands of Ustica and Linosa, with the hope of ending within a few weeks and making some of the most important locations of tourism in Italy safe for both its population and tourists.

For those traveling from Sicily, on the other hand, Palermo Falcone e Borsellino Airport announced the 91 destinations for summer 2021, between domestic and international, aimed at connecting 21 countries with 31 airlines, including some new entries such as Blue Air , Lumiwings, Lot and Wizz Air.

After a difficult year for tourists and operators of the sector, it would therefore seem that there is a glimpse, which it is hoped to become bigger and more concrete in the coming weeks.


Protagonist of the architecture and history of Palermo between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s, the Liberty style has strongly marked the characteristics of the city, leaving today several traces of its unique and elegant style.

Most of the villas and gardens of Palermo in Liberty and Art Nouveau style are open to visitors during certain periods of the year (such as for Le Vie dei Tesori), attracting citizens and tourists curious to relive, through the walls of the ancient noble houses, glimpses and moments of a bygone era. For years, however, the hypothesis of creating a real Art Nouveau Itinerary had been making its way, a project that today feels more real than ever: news of the last few days is in fact the one coming from the Regional Presidency, which announces the intention to finance the creation of the regional Liberty Museum of Villa Deliella and the itinerary with the same name.

This news has its important artistic and cultural significance, but not only: between the 1950s and 1960s the characteristics of Palermo were completely transformed due to building speculation, the so-called “Sacco di Palermo” (Sack of Palermo), which resulted in the destruction of many of the most emblematic Liberty villas of the city, including the aforementioned Villa Deliella, on whose land there is now a parking lot; the choice to recognize the importance of an architectural style that has profoundly marked the history and society of Sicily is therefore a clear signal of the desire to restore, as far as possible, the repeatedly violated beauty of a city that has seen during the Art Nouveau period its golden age.

Going to the first news on the project, the itinerary will connect the remains of Villa Deliella with the Villino Ida (which will be used as a museum entirely dedicated to the architect Ernesto Basile), the Villino Favaloro (which will become the seat of the Regional Museum of Photography) and the Villino Florio (inside which temporary thematic exhibitions will be organized). It will be therefore even more interesting and evocative to follow the footsteps of the great protagonists of the time, including Ernesto Basile himself, the Florio and Whitaker families, rediscovering the beauty and characteristics of a part of the city yet to be discovered, for those who visit the city of Palermo for the first time and also for its citizens.


The summer breeze is already in the air and the first hypotheses about the upcoming summer holidays are making their way and, thanks to the vaccination plan, the forecasts on the characteristics of the second summer since the beginning of the healt emergency are starting to take place.

As already foreseen, and as occurred for the last season, Sicily is again among the favorite locations, especially considering the chance of staying in rooms or apartments in locations with several attractions just a few km away from each others. Also from Sicily it will be possible to travel easily, thanks to the new airport routes recently inaugurated and the protective measures taken for those traveling, both departing and returning. An example is that of Palermo Airport, which from April 19th will provide a free antigen swab also for departing passengers: the passengers will just have to show the boarding pass and fill in the form (which can also be downloaded and filled in from home) to access the dedicated area, also accessible from the day before for those traveling on the first flight in the morning.

Still on the subject of air travel, the news of the opening, by Ryanair, of new routes from Palermo Airport, to Cagliari, Alghero, Seville, London, Krakow and other destinations, is in recent days, including the possibility to change your booking at no additional costs and twice for flights purchased by June 2021 departing until October 2021. Travel to London will also be possible with EasyJet, with 6 weekly flights to Luton, and to Germany with Eurowings, twice a week to Düsseldorf.

Compatibly with any updates on the current restrictions, in anticipation of the summer it will be possible to travel with vaccine certification or with a swab made at least 48 hours before, which becomes more and more usable and concrete, making us begin to breathe a little bit of summertime.